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Cutaway Embroidery Backing


Available in a variety of pre-cut sizes and rolls.

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Available in a variety of pre-cut sizes and rolls.

  • Style #240 – 2.4 oz. dense construction for all general cutaway applications. Good for low to medium stitch count designs. Available in white and black.
  • Style #280 – 2.8 oz. dense construction for all general cutaway applications. Good for medium to high stitch count designs.
  • Style #498 – 3.0 oz. very soft and dense for higher stitch counts from left chest to full jacket backs.
  • H&V Style #8825 – 2.5 oz. part of the Soft-N-Stable series. Designed to be highly stable with a soft touch. This is a very versatile product that works in most cutaway applications.
  • H&V Style #8830 – 3.0 oz. Soft-N-Stable for high stitch counts.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Backing Style

123, 240, 280, 498, 620, 824, 8820, 8825, 8830, 9925, 9930

Backing Size

10″ X 10″, 12″ X 25 YDS, 14.75″ X 14.75″, 14″ X 14″, 15″ X 250 YDS, 19.75″ X 21″, 20″ X 150 YDS, 20″ X 200 YDS, 23″ X 250 YDS, 46″ X 250 YDS, 60″ X 150 YDS, 7″ X 7″, 9″ X 25 YDS, 6″ x 6″ Pre-cut (1000 pcs), 7.5″ x 7.5″ Pre-cut (1000 pcs), 7.5″ x 8″ Pre-cut (1000 pcs), 8″ x 8″ Pre-cut (1000 pcs), 15″ x 15″ Pre-cut (1000 pcs), 19″ x 100yd Roll, 22″ x 100yd Roll, 23″ x 150yd Roll, 23″ x 200yd Roll, 44″ x 200yd Roll, 46″ x 200yd Roll, 57″ x 200yd Roll, 60″ x 150yd Roll, 60″ x 200yd Roll

Backing Color

Black, White

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