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What Type of Needles To Use With Small Lettering!

I want to share a tip with you about embroidering small lettering and the best type of needles to use with small lettering.  Embroidering small lettering and getting the letters to be crisp and clear can be a challenge for so many embroiderers especially new embroiderers.

Never use more than a 70/10 embroidery needle for small lettering.  You need the crispness and detail to be extremely clear.  On a woven fabric you want to use a sharp embroidery needle.  The sharp point also known as an acute round point (SPI).  On a knit fabric you should use a ball point embroidery needle. The Schmetz embroidery needle has 2 different ball points to chose from. You have the light ball point and the medium ball point.  You would select the light ball point for very fine knits, but for most knits, the medium ball point will work just fine.   The Organ embroidery needle has  one choice of a ball point, and it is the medium ball point.

If your lettering is less than 4 millimeters tall you should use a 65/9 embroidery needle and 60 weight thread.  This will give you crisp small lettering and sharp detail in your embroidery designs.  You can purchase the 60 weight thread by calling Cristall direct at 800-800-9983.

I hope that you will find this tip helpful.  Stay tuned for your next embroidery tip!

Joyce Jagger
The Embroidery Coach


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